Loft conversions in London

The room under the roof serves as a storage for boxes of clothes, children's old toys and junk that is a pity to throw away, but there is no one to give it to? Try to convert it into a loft room in the attic, resolutely saying goodbye to unnecessary accumulations of things.

True or not, it is believed that unnecessary, long-forgotten, long-unused items are a zone of accumulation of negative energy. Why keep a cracked tea set that my great-grandmother used to drink from, or store a lot of photo albums that contain pictures of unknown relatives, and you can only identify them by the signatures on the back of the cards? Worn wallets, old books with traces of mold on the pages – all this should be taken out of your home long ago.

The gains from reforms.

  1. The attic hanging in the corners of the web will receive a new use. We will design and create a modern room where the sun's rays can penetrate. You can decide on the destination yourself: it will be a bedroom, a study, a room for a teenager, a separate game room or an additional bathroom for a large family. In the conversion of the attic will need to invest less money than in the construction of an extension or garden room.

  1. For Those who are planning to buy property in a new location soon, creating a loft room in the attic will help to increase the cost of their own home decently.

  1. If the last floor has a significant area, it will be Possible to make separate rooms out of it. This is more convenient than running out of space, especially if you are very hospitable people.

A team of architects, engineers and designers will show you how beautiful your attic will look. You will probably need to update the beams, re-lay the roof, dismantle and re-create the floor. We will announce a specific transformation plan and the amount of investment in the implementation of the idea after a detailed review of the object in London.