House extensions in London

When there is not enough space for the inhabitants, you want to implement your idea on new "squares". You will have to get permission from the municipality if you plan to expand your house in London or decide to perform a radical redevelopment.

How we offer to increase the area.

  1. In the horizontal direction. This is done by building an extension, which is usually located behind the front of the house.

  1. In the vertical direction. Here we are ready to offer to build another floor, to perform an extension over a non-residential premises (for example, over a garage attached to the wall, located on the 1st floor level).

  1. By demolition of the existing residential buildings and construction of private property from scratch.

Clients who like to "keep up with the times", discuss with us not only the expansion of the house in London, but also the renovation of existing premises, wanting to get an updated house in a single stylistic design.

Let's list the advantages of future transformations.

  • Kitchen with dining room in the side extension – a thoughtful solution for those who are tired of putting up with the flavors of cooking in the main place of stay in the house.

  • A garage that shares a wall with the house will need less heating.

  • "Winter garden" will allow you to implement the idea of growing exotic and greenhouse plants on your territory. Beautiful, soulful, pleasant employment in your free time.

  • Gym. It is more convenient to study at home than to go to a public institution of this profile. The basement is equipped only with those simulators that are interesting and useful for you.

  • A place for recreation can be both family and personal use. We will equip a family cinema hall, prepare a room for a billiard room, and help you set up a mini-workshop for carpentry, turning, or any other hobby.

We are ready to put any idea in the construction and architectural framework. Please contact us if your home is located in London!