Bathroom Refurbishment in London

The skin, as the largest organ of our body, needs regular care.

Dream bath – it is quite feasible! Ordering the filling or repair of the bathroom, you will get a beautifully designed functional room where you want to sing and enjoy life!

Check out the features.

  1. 3D design will introduce you to what plumbing equipment and furniture will be used in the project, as well as their location and layout.

  1. Spa bath or shower? Or maybe it's better to install both types? Would you like to put a bath, toilet, bidet and washing machine in one room? We work with any area of premises and implement the most daring ideas. Someone may need to install a new faucet, change the heated towel rail.

  1. Mold can release toxic substances that affect the respiratory system. The bathroom is always high humidity, and it is proposed to fight it with the help of high-quality supply and exhaust ventilation and heating. It is advisable to make the floor heated – this will not only increase the degree of comfort, but also dry the air, especially if you are a fan of a tropical shower, which pours out streams of water.

  1. How to avoid significant moisture on the floor? We will install glass curtains for the bathroom, and this problem is solved by the manufacturer in the shower cabin.

  1. Custom doors and screens are perfect for your bathroom. Renovation of the bathroom with the replacement of the old window model with a modern technical design will allow timely ventilation.

  1. For the floor and walls, we will select practical, stylish tile materials, and offer to paint or cover the ceiling with light, water-resistant panels.

  1. Furniture includes the manufacture and installation of cabinets and cabinets made of hydrophobic materials. Thanks to pre-made measurements, they will fit perfectly into the bathroom.

  1. Special lighting will eliminate the short circuit of the electrical wiring and add impressiveness to the interior. We will carry out a complex of works on plumbing and electrics.

  1. If you plan to use an LCD TV with water-proof protection, please let us know so that we can leave a convenient place for it.

  1. The bathroom also has its own peculiar style. Think about what is closer to you, and we will work on creating a picture of the interior.

We execute contracts with clients from any part of the UK capital.