Window installation & replacement in London

Try to imagine a house with only walls, where no windows were installed (replacement does not count). Dark, gloomy, they do not allow you to admire nature, ventilate the premises, watch children walking on the farmstead. In buildings that you inherited, you should definitely perform the dismantling of old windows. It is also advisable to do this when the existing structures are of little use in summer and winter.

Causes to update the windows.

  1. Wooden products have shrunk and lost their primary dimensions.

  1. The window is poorly connected to the frame due to the presence of cracks.

  1. The installation was made with errors, resulting in a broken tightness and planar location.

  1. There Is a damage that cannot be repaired.

  1. I want to change the size, location or shape of the windows. As a mini-version of the ongoing transformations – replace only the doors.

What to do to avoid heating the street.

The amount of heat that can be dissipated through the Windows is 25-40%. Just think how much you have to pay for room "emissions" that are not used in full! You will not only need to install and replace Windows, but also useful recommendations.

- By reducing the size of the glazing, you will reduce invisible, thermal emissions.

- Using a protective film with one-way light transmission, you will block the reverse course for thermal transmission.

- By effectively isolating the slope area, you will create a barrier to the cold outside.

- If you choose double-glazed Windows that are suitable for the climate zone, you will feel positive changes almost instantly.

- By installing heat-saving shutters, you will get an additional barrier to the penetration of moisture and frost into the housing.

We offer installation of new Windows of any complexity from the selected materials. Order the usual English Windows that do not have hinges, choose French floor-to-ceiling glazing, German Euro-structures (without Windows), Russian (with sheet glass, not batch glass). Arched Windows may be necessary depending on the shape of the openings.

Do you need extra security for your home thanks to a reliable storm entrance door, or may there be a lack of mesh refreshing garden doors? The specialists of our company "Your construction handyman" will take care of this! We provide preparatory work and installation of all types of doors: interior, metal, sliding, glass, and mosquito nets. The correct choice of door and installation depends on its service life, so we work only with the most famous and reliable British companies that are suppliers of high-quality products. Believe me, you can be sure that we perform all the related operations in this process correctly.

You can replace and repair Windows or doors in any season. Try to contact us during the warm season, when there is no rush in orders in London.