Gardening services in London

When the house is in order – it's great, but the infield should also look "great". And the ordered garden services that we are ready to provide at your request to the company will help in this.

If the wind picks up dust, and the rain heavily pours everything around, a lot of dirt is formed. For several months, it sticks firmly to the steps of external stairs, tile coverings under your feet, and dirties the exterior of the building. Comprehensive cleaning will restore cleanliness and hygiene to your home and surrounding area.

We will carefully perform the following processes:


  • We will conduct a jet wash of the terrace and patio. In the process of work, we do not use chemical cleaners, because some of them can cause allergies in residents, deterioration of construction products.

  • Significant water pressure knocks down all sticking, exposing the natural background of the facade of the house. And if the sun comes out at this time, it will quickly dry the exterior of the building, revealing its initial attractiveness.

  • Remove dirt and moss from stone paving, limestone, clean brick, concrete, granite surfaces, wash garden paths, decking, fences, driveways from the gate and open balconies.

  • Remove stains and dust from moisture-resistant garden furniture, clean the space from fallen leaves.

Construction and installation.

  • Garden services include dismantling the old fence of the site, replacing it with a more advanced version of the fence.

  • We offer luxury canopies that will allow you to spend time on the terrace in rainy weather.

  • Lighting your garden is one of the important moments you can't do without. Professional electricians will add zest to the area using landscape lighting, as well as lighting on the terrace.

  • Create a sub-canopy in the recreation area among the planted vegetation.

  • Install benches and tables and, if necessary, fix their stationary position.


  • We will lay paths and cover them with slightly worn, weather-resistant tiles or natural stone.

  • Spread a grass carpet over the selected area.

  • We will put large flower stands in the specified places.

  • Artistically trim the overgrown vegetation.

You can contact us every time as necessary or sign a service contract, which we will undertake, having completed within the agreed time and without complaints from the client.