Basement conversion in London

Such a building structure as a basement in London is located below the level of the 1st floor. If in the past centuries wine stocks were placed here, today they equip electric switchboards, install water heating and heating equipment, install washing machines and clothes dryers, and turn an empty space into a garage. And someone orders the creation of a leisure zone.

How we work and what we can do.

  1. If the house you live in is a valuable asset for you, then it's time to work on Improving it.

  1. Today, lighting, computer communication, good ventilation are quickly carried out underground, and thanks to the use of high-quality waterproofing, you will be calm about the appearance of dampness and flooding of the bottom of the building with ground water.

  1. Something can cost a tidy sum, but believe that we make the most of every pound you invest, offering optimal solutions for the basement in London in a comfortable, modern execution format.

  1. During the redevelopment process, we offer alternative solutions to make you feel proud to be Involved in the project. Choose the scheme that meets all indicators better than parallel developed analogues.

  1. In cases where it is necessary to issue a construction permit, we do it with the help of our team of specialists, without involving customers.

Looking for someone who can bring your ideas to life in the best materialized form? We are already here and ready to work on your project. Dozens of satisfied customers who have already received what they want in the best version of the project will tell you about the quality of their work.

We always adhere to the set deadlines, because kept promises increase the level of trust on the part of customers. Ready to work hard to create a comfortable basement in any private house in London.