Garden rooms in London

A private house allows you to make an extension at any time. One of the great types of rooms created is the garden room, which is not necessarily used regularly. It can become an extension or be a fully Autonomous building with separate electrification, water intake and Sewerage.

What is this building for?

  1. A cozy room that is separated from the house and hidden from prying eyes of curious passers-by, will bring true relaxation to your soul and body.

  1. Run away here when you don't have the strength to be around noisy, constantly demanding children and you want at least a few minutes of peace to "come to your senses".

  1. Invite your neighbors here for a tea party to organize a pleasant conversation, enjoying the singing of birds and the splendor of the well-kept plot.

  1. In the case where you have happened in the family quarrel, and garden room fully equipped for your stay, get a room here at a certain time to think over this incident and draw conclusions for the future.

  1. A Private cinema room, a game room for children, a guest option for friends or relatives who decided to spend the night, a small home gym – all this can be done. Let us know so that we can send the appropriate specialists.

Do you have a large plot and don't know what else to put on it? Do you want to create a small space for additional needs of one person or family members? Can't work quietly or pursue a hobby with passion when family members are around? We will offer the best solution that suits your plans.

Think about what size you would like to get a garden room, what you plan to place inside and how to decorate the new building. We are ready to work hard to make your mini-house the best in the area!