Providing all types of construction services including refurbishment and installation in London

A team of experienced craftsmen will quickly and efficiently perform all types of construction work for you on time

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Those who own private real estate have to invest in their own housing. Our company provides convenient and reliable construction services including installation and refurbishment in London.

Home is our place of strength and relaxation, an object where all family members gather and everyone should be comfortable. That is why so much attention is paid to exterior decoration, interior arrangement, wiring of all communications. As the happy owner of a separate built housing, you can afford exclusive repairs and implementation of creative solutions.

Why choose us ?

1. High-profile specialists with significant practical experience are not afraid of solving complex problems. We are engaged in restoration, renovation works, construction "from scratch", laying of internal channels and arrangement of the external territory.

2. Integrated approach provides the opportunity to thoroughly examine your problem and offer the best, informed decisions.

3. Working with individual orders requires you to stay up to date with all construction innovations and technologies.

4. Own transport provides full-fledged purchase and prompt delivery of materials agreed with the client.

5. A modern tool helps complete the tasks quickly and accurately.

What will have to work with ?

Have you ever wondered how you want to see your home after completing the work of professionals? Choosing a convenient and reliable construction service including renovation and installation in London, you will get moral satisfaction. We offer the following services :

- Kitchen refurbishment -

a secret place to prepare daily culinary masterpieces. Usually includes: kitchen fitting, electrical and wiring, kitchen renovation, decoration, appliance repair ;

- Bathroom Refurbishment -

a way to turn a place of sanitary procedures into a magical realm of foam and cleanliness. This includes bathroom redesigning, installation, renovation and full refurbishment: pipe fixing, bathroom tiling, new showers, plumbing and heating, plumbing replace, laying new tiles, extractor fan etc ;

- Carpenter services -

kitchen units assembly and installation, repair and restoration of their wood products, furniture repairs, wood flooring fittings, door installation, repair or replacement, wooden windows installation and repair ;

- Painter services -

creation of external and internal finishing, from leveling of surfaces to formation of a finishing layer, complete preparation of ceiling and wall surfaces, external and internal painting by hand or spray, darkening or protecting wood, painting Windows and doors, protecting surfaces from moss, algae and mold ;

- Electrician services -

installing a lighting transformer, competent network laying, which will cope with voltage surges and increased electrical load of the house network, rewires and extension and security systems will instantly notify about the penetration of strangers. We can easily calculate the electrical faults of existing wiring, conduct an electrical test, and finally make a report on the condition of the electrical wiring of the room. Our team will provide high-quality and economical home, electric service of any complexity ;

- Plumbing services -

we solve general plumbing issues: proper connection and maintenance of equipment, organization of sewer output ;

- Windows, doors Installation and replacement -

sufficient amount of penetrating daylight, no possibility for bad weather to affect the microclimate inside the house ;

- Roofing -

like saying: We all open our hearts and our wallets because everyone deserves a roof over their heads! Only a well-installed, high-quality roof will prevent damage to your home by getting moisture into the frame, thereby protecting it from rotting wood elements and cracking stone. The presence of a problem roof requires the immediate intervention of our specialists.

We provide installation and replacement of external and internal doors of your house: gliding, hinged, insect, security, patio, interior, entry, storm and screen doors. We provide a service - selection and installation of door locks. Installation and repair of garage doors.

Installation and replacement of all types of windows: aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, as well as under the order custom windows of different shapes and sizes of any complexity. Solving the issue of fogged windows. Adjustment of window blocks, replacement of the seal etc.

Advantages for customers.

  • We work independently. This means that you will not have to look for other masters, and the planned work will be done "turnkey".

  • For each object, a specific price is calculated in accordance with the number of works and consumables.

  • Quality is an integral part of any process that we perform. To confirm this, we leave our clients a percentage of the total order amount for 1 year, which is a financial guarantee of a successful result.

  • Everyone chooses the type of payment that is convenient for them: cash in hand or transfer to a Bank account.

  • We work geographically in all areas of London.