Сarpenter services in London

Carpentry covers work with wood and wood-Containing components. Carpenter services differ: some specialists adhere to strict, classical motifs, while others are ready to add an artistic "zest" to the products.

Home and farmstead improvement.

For interior filling, custom-made furniture is ordered (especially appreciated is the invited master cabinetmaker, who has "Golden hands" and a large portfolio of completed projects).

In modern English homes, a high-level professional performs the following tasks:

  1. Installation of doors (interior and exterior). The security of your home depends on how symmetrically installed and firmly locked the front door is. Internal analogs allow you to retire to study, spend time together, work, relax and sleep.

  1. Installation of window designs. Choosing initially or changing Windows, it is necessary to install suitable kits that will reduce the dispersion of home heat to the outside and will not let the dampness with frost inside.

  1. Carpenter services are furniture Assembly, installation of kitchen, bedroom, hotel sets, and children's room sets. Upon completion of our work, you will enter a clean, beautifully furnished room.

  1. Natural wood countertop in the kitchen. Glued construction made of solid oak, beech, larch, richly processed products based on wax and vegetable oils, covered with varnish will receive a long and trouble-free use.

  1. The demand for wooden floors does not fall over the years. High-quality laid parquet, deck Board will ensure the naturalness of the surface under your feet. If you want to get a more budget option, apply laminate flooring.

  1. A solid, wooden staircase between floors – a design that does not show off luxury, but clearly shows the respectability of the owners of a private house: aristocratically laid steps, carved pillars, exquisitely made handrails. Imagine a similar staircase made of teak, wenge, mahogany, in a dark color, with dim lighting on the walls.

  1. Outside the house carpenter, too, there is work to do. He can order the production of a fence, a solid and reliable roof, a wooden canopy for relaxing in the garden.

The specialist does not only work with new products. It is able to restore the surface of doors, give a more attractive look to furniture, replace worn-out floor elements. And most importantly – we guarantee in-depth attention to the customer's wishes!

Whatever area of London you are in, we will be able to solve any questions about carpentry.